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Men! Stop Snoring, Regain Your Self-Respect, and Stop Waking Up Exhausted.

by MICHAEL SPENCER, Marketing Consultant | June 2, 2024 in Health & Business

My Journey to stop snoring, GET Better Sleep, and regain my Self-Respect with the Power of a cutting-edge new product

Growing up, my dad’s snoring was a constant, frustrating presence in our home. He was so loud that he and my mom couldn't sleep in the same he slept with us boys :-(

​His snoring kept me awake for years, and while I loved my father deeply, I couldn’t help but resent that part of him.

I swore that I would never subject my wife and children to the same experience.

​But as I got older, life got stressful; I gained weight and started snoring, just like my dad. The snoring grew louder over the years, and my wife and I eventually stopped sleeping in the same room.

This was not just an inconvenience; it struck at the core of our relationship.

The distance between us, both physical and emotional, widened each night.

I felt ashamed and embarrassed.

The thought of friends or family hearing my snoring was mortifying, so I avoided staying at other people's houses or having guests stay the night.

This situation began to affect my mental and physical health.

I often woke up feeling exhausted, my energy levels plummeted, and my self-esteem took a hit.

The lack of restful sleep impacted my work performance and overall mood.

I found myself irritable, constantly fatigued, and withdrawing from social activities.

​The stress and embarrassment were overwhelming, and I feared the potential long-term health consequences if I didn't find a solution.

Then, I discovered Beast Tape.

I was skeptical at first, but desperate for a change.

The first night I used it, I noticed a significant reduction in my snoring.

​It was astonishing.

​Not only was my snoring diminished, but I also woke up feeling much more refreshed and energetic.

This newfound energy allowed me to make better health decisions, like exercising regularly and eating healthier.

​The impact of Beast Tape went beyond better sleep.

It all came together the day my wife told me I hadn't snored all night.

The embarrassment that had plagued me for so long began to fade.

I've regained my confidence and started to feel more like myself again.

Beast Tape truly changed everything for me.

It gave me back my nights, my self-respect, and a better quality of life.

​​If you’re struggling with snoring, I urge you to try Beast Tape.

It might just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

What does Mouth breathing have to do with snoring?

Mouth breathing sounds innocent enough...but science shows that people are not supposed to breathe through their mouths, ESPECIALLY when they're asleep.

It's more than just an annoying habit—it can have serious repercussions on your health and quality of life and is a major contributor to snoring.

And up to 40% of Americans are habitual mouth breathers.

​James Nestor, a renowned researcher and journalist who has studied snoring and sleep related issues for over 10 years, wrote THE book on snoring called Breath and inside that book he proves that mouth breathing is absolutely HORRIBLE for our physical and emotional health and should be avoided at all costs.

In fact, in the book, he discusses his participation in a 10-day study in which patients' nostrils were plugged with silicone plugs to force exclusive mouth breathing.

James Nestor Nose Surgery

The results were horrifying for more than just snoring...

Day #1

Within a few hours, Nestor's blood pressure shot up by 20 points.  On his first night, his snoring increased by 1,300% to a full 75 minutes.  His sleep Apnea events also increased by 400%.

Snoring increased 1,300% on the first night, and by day 10, it had increased 4,800%.

Day #10

His snoring had increased by 4,800%, and he was having 25 sleep apnea events per night.  His body lost 40% more water during the night resulting in dry mouth and frequently getting up to urinate.  Can you relate?  I know I can.

Then he did the exact opposite...

Rather than forcing mouth breathing, they used something as simple as tape to cover his mouth and force nasal breathing while he slept.

They found that, ironically enough, snoring was almost completely eliminated, their emotional health went up, and they slept better.

From Nestor's Book Breath

"Within three nights since I started mouth tape, I went from snoring four hours to only ten minutes.  I'd been warned that sleep tape won't do anything to help treat sleep apnea.  My experience suggested otherwise.  As my snoring disappeared, so did apnea." 

"Another patient went from snoring half the night to not snoring for even a minute.  His apnea events dropped from 53 to zero." Page 52

Based on this research, Beast Brotherhood has developed a revolutionary new product called Beast Tape for Men.

This product allows men to stop snoring, live with better health, and reclaim their self-respect, and we've made it so it doesn't hurt when you take it off.

What Is Beast Tape & Why Should I Care?

Beast Tape is the key to unlocking restful nights and improved overall health because it...

Reduces Snoring

By promoting nasal breathing, Beast Tape effectively reduces snoring, ensuring a quieter and more peaceful night for you and your loved ones.

Improves Sleep Quality

Encouraging consistent nasal breathing helps maintain optimal oxygen levels, leading to deeper, more restorative sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and energized.

Boosts Energy Levels

With better sleep comes more energy. Beast Tape helps you wake up invigorated and ready to tackle your day with renewed vigor and vitality.

Enhances Relationships

Say goodbye to separate bedrooms. Beast Tape reduces the disturbances caused by snoring, allowing you and your partner to share a bed again, fostering intimacy and connection.

Supports Overall Health

Proper breathing during sleep can improve lung function, support heart health, and boost your immune system, making Beast Tape a critical part of your overall wellness routine.

Beast Tape VS Traditional Solutions

Beast Tape VS Traditional Solutions

Traditional Snoring Solutions

  • Painful - Believe me...sleeping with your jaw locked in place isn't fun.
  • Expensive - Surgery is expensive, dangerous, permanent, and often doesn't fix the problem.
  • Inconvenient - Try taking a side-sleeping backpack trainer in your luggage.
  • Claustrophobic - Jaw locked in place, chin/mouth forced closed, obstructed nose breathing... Ouch!
  • Limited effectiveness -  If you've tried any of these, you know they usually don't work.
  • Unsanitary - Horrible-smelling months-old saliva, oily hair, and snot are common sanitary problems.
  • Long Adjustment Periods—If you can ever get used to them at all, they often take several weeks to adjust to.
  • Often Not-Refundable - Amazon often won't take back something you've boiled and slept with in your mouth.
  • Comfortable - Soft and flexible, making it comfortable to wear throughout the night.
  • Better Health  - You'll wake up feeling better, have better gum health, etc.
  • Portable - Small and lightweight, easy to carry while traveling.
  • Affordable - Inexpensive compared to other anti-snoring solutions.
  • Simplicity - Easy to use with no complicated setup or maintenance required.
  • Effective - Helps promote nasal breathing, which can reduce snoring for many individuals.
  • Non-Claustrophobic - The fabric is breathable and pain-free to remove.
  • Non-Invasive - No surgery or dental work is required.
  • Versatile - Works with other treatments like a CPAP.
  • No-questions-asked Refunds - just let us know within the refund window. You can even keep the first month of the product.

Traditional Snoring Solutions

  • Painful
  • Expensive
  • Inconvenient
  • Claustrophobic
  • Limited Effectiveness
  • Unsanitary
  • Long Adjustment Periods
  • Often Not-Refundable


  • Comfortable
  • Leads to Better Health
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Non-Claustrophobic
  • Non-Invasive
  • Versatile
  • No-questions-asked Refunds

How Does Beast Tape Work?

Step 1: Prepare

Thoroughly clean & dry the mouth/beard area to remove oils or dirt.

If the skin around your lips and mouth is not cleaned prior to application, it is likely the tape will come off during the night.

Step 2: Open The Tape

Tear open the tape (starting at the top,) remove the backing and expose the adhesive.​​

The tape is very stretchy and sticky. Don't worry about pulling too hard on it, but try not to get it stuck to your fingers.

Step 3: Apply

Purse your lips and firmly apply Beast Tape directly over your closed mouth with your lips tucked slightly inward.

Once positioned, rub the tape thoroughly to ensure good adhesion, making sure it sticks securely over your lips.

To Remove

Remove the tape gently in the morning by pulling it off from top to bottom rather than side to side.

This method minimizes any discomfort and ensures it doesn't hurt your skin or pull beard hair during removal.

By following these three simple steps, you can maximize the benefits of Beast Tape, ensuring a secure fit and a restful night’s sleep.

Beast Tape is perfect for...

Mouth Breathing & Snoring

Mouth breathing is scientifically linked with snoring.  It's, by far, not a silver bullet.  But it's the best place to start before doing more invasive treatments.  Plus, if it doesn't work you can have your money back.

Losing Weight

Improved sleep quality can aid in weight management. By reducing snoring and promoting better sleep, Beast Tape can help you wake up refreshed, making it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

Bad Breath & Dry Mouth

Mouth breathing often leads to bad breath and dry mouth. Beast Tape encourages nasal breathing, which helps keep your mouth closed during sleep, reducing the risk of bad breath and maintaining moisture in your mouth.

Waking Up Exhausted & Headaches

Poor sleep quality due to snoring and mouth breathing can cause you to wake up exhausted and with headaches. Beast Tape improves breathing efficiency, enhancing overall sleep quality and helping you wake up feeling rested and headache-free.

My final thoughts on Beast Tape...

 I can confidently say that Beast Tape surpasses all its competitors for several compelling reasons.

Unlike many other products, Beast Tape is simple, non-invasive, and incredibly effective.

I've tried various solutions like:

  • Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces ($80 - $120)
  • Sprays ($20)
  • Chin Straps ($30)
  • Nasal Fans ($50 - $80)
  • Surgery ($5,000 - $50,000+)
  • Dental Appliances ($6,500+ - I have had some success with this one.)

However, I often found them uncomfortable, impractical, and disruptive to sleep.

In contrast, Beast Tape is:

  • Easy to use
  • VERY affordable
  • Integrates seamlessly into my nightly routine
  • Comfortable & hassle-free solution

Where Can I Buy Beast Tape?​

By now, it's obvious why Beast Tape is the #1 choice for improving your sleep & your life.

To claim your Beast Tape, just:

Click or tap here to claim your 60% discount (before it’s gone for good)!

Limited Inventory — Only One 12-Month Supply Per Household!

Claim Your Beast Tape With An ​Internet-Only 60% Coupon Today!

Click or tap the “Check Availability” button below now before it disappears!

You’re Covered By A No-Hassle “It Works, Or It’s FREE” ​30 Day, Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with your Beast Tape order for any reason, you may get a full refund within 60 days of purchase!

We’re confident you’ll LOVE Beast Tape. Many of our buyers are impressed by its quality and effectiveness, stating that it’s worth every penny.

​...But if you aren’t happy, then we’re not happy, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right, including returning your full investment.

What Are People Saying About Beast Tape?

Tried it out last night. Woke up like a beast today. :) I think I may become a regular.

Daniel B., Eagle Mountain, Utah

​Verified Buyer

I’ve tried several different snoring products, none even close to this. It stays on all night. I have facial hair, but that isn’t an issue with this tape.

​Conforms perfectly to the curves of your face. No sticky residue after removal. I’ve even had to remove it during the night and then put it back on. Sticks just as well as it did when I first put it on. Comfortable. Quality is evident.

Charles F., Covina, California

​Verified Buyer

I love this product. It was wide enough for my mouth.  It didn't come loose and I have a beard and mustache.

I will let all my friends know who sleep with a CPAP machine this is a very good product.

Alex R., Dallas, Texas

​Verified Buyer

Will you look like you’re in some weird ransom video? Yes. Do you get a phenomenal night’s sleep and wake up feeling fantastic? Also yes. If you’ve got fairly bad sleep apnea and can even overpower your CPAP from time to time, this tape is a game changer.

If you have facial hair, take the instructions seriously and remove it slowly in the morning.

Lynn H., Sarasota, Florida

​Verified Buyer

These are fantastic. They are large, so there is complete coverage of the mouth. These have eliminated my drooling during sleep, and for what I can tell, snoring has decreased significantly. I use these with my CPAP and nasal strips and get much better sleep. Highly recommended.

Jeremiah H., Hart, Michigan

​Verified Buyer

Stop Snoring, Get Better Sleep, And Regain Your Self-Respect With Beast Tape!

About the Author:

Michael Spencer is a 15-Year Business & Marketing Veteran from Salt Lake City, Utah.


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